Saturday, 26 May 2012

Clear purpose, or see where it leads?

At the Social Workplace Conference the other day a number of presenters emphasised the importance of having a clearly defined purpose for your social business initiative. I found myself nodding in agreement.  Today I started reading Euan Semple's book "Organisations Don't Tweet, People Do", and found this recommendation:

"Don't have a clear idea where you are headed.  The more fixed you are in your aspirations for your ecology the less likely you are to achieve them.  Be prepared to go where people's use of the tools takes you and enjoy the ride."

On the face of it these two views are contradictory.  They might not be - and I can guess ways in which it could be argued that they aren't - but as I proceed with Euan's (very readable) book I'm going to be looking for answers to that point.

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