Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Consulting in Enterprise 2.0: all things to all men or shrink-wrapped product?

What do those of you who consult in Enterprise 2.0 find is the best way to go about your business? It seems to me that at one extreme there's the approach which says, "I am the ultimately flexible consultant. I'll talk to you about some of the high-level ideas behind Enterprise 2.0, I'll listen to your needs, then we'll implement something together - no preconceptions."

At the other extreme is the consultant who is really trying to sell a product - perhaps a piece of software, perhaps a 'TM' methodology, perhaps a training programme, or a combination of these.

I think the first approach is the more genuine service, but the second perhaps appeals to the many of us who like to buy something 'off the peg'.

What do you do?