Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wiki Wednesdays are back!

I was pleased to discover, via Facebook, that Wiki Wednesdays are kicking off again in London. I used to enjoy these. The format was informal, the people attending had varied interests, and there was (at the best ones) an atmosphere of enthusiasm for the world of Web 2.0 and all its possibilities. I suppose it did go into a bit of a dip after a while, and perhaps that was why it was temporarily 'retired'. David Terrar has worked hard in the past to organise these sessions, which date back several years, so it's good to see he's still involved.

If you're interested in the 3rd March event, sign up on the wiki. (You might need to register with Socialtext first.)


Harry Wood said...

And this Wednesdays, they're back again!

Simon Carswell said...

Indeed! Hope to meet you there.